Ourika Valley Day Trip

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Located 67 kilometers from Marrakech, the Ourika Valley Day Trip is a mesmerizing journey that takes you into the heart of the High Atlas Mountains. This enchanting valley offers a tranquil escape, where a small river meanders through the landscape, adorned with lush greenery and inviting beaches.

The Ourika Valley is brimming with typical villages, providing a glimpse into the authentic Berber way of life. As you traverse this picturesque setting, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the mountains, discovering small waterfalls and traditional mills along the way. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you and experience the harmony between the Berber community and their natural environment, offering a serene contrast to the vibrant city life of Marrakech.

During the tour, you’ll have the chance to visit a Berber House, gaining insights into their unique culture and traditions. On Mondays, the local Berber market offers a fascinating experience, showcasing the region’s local produce and handicrafts.

Moreover, a highlight of the trip is the free visit to the small waterfalls of Seti Fatma, a mesmerizing sight that will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders.

Rest assured that our agency’s manager will be there to ensure your satisfaction throughout the journey. Ourika Valley Day Trip promises an unforgettable adventure, providing a refreshing escape from the bustling city as you connect with the tranquil beauty of Morocco’s natural landscapes and the warmth of its Berber culture.


Marrakech’s outdoors tour

Duration one day

Availability everyday


Great landscapes, see foothills of High Atlas Mountains, Verdant orchard and crop terraces, Small Berber villages, a Berber house Tour, Botanical Garden Tour


Full day (7+ hours)



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