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Hot Air Balloon Marrakech

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Come and enjoy an extraordinary Hot Air Balloon Marrakech adventure, floating gracefully above the stunning landscapes that surround the city. Your journey will take you over the majestic Western High Atlas Mountains, the meandering Oueds Tinsift, and the vast Al Hawuz Plain, offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Embark on a half-day trip, beginning early in the morning around 5:00 or 6:00 am, ensuring that the hot air balloon takes flight before or around sunrise. The early hours grant the perfect lighting to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery.

Most half-day excursions include convenient 4×4 transport and a delightful breakfast served in a traditional Berber tent. As you prepare for your hot air balloon flight, it is advisable to wear closed-toe shoes and dress in layers. The temperature can vary significantly between the ground and the air, so shedding layers throughout the day might be necessary.

Ensure you have essential items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat or scarf to protect against sunburn, while also capturing this extraordinary moment forever with your camera.

Please note that hot air balloon rides are not available during the height of summer (mid-July through late August) due to the extreme heat experienced in southern Morocco during this period.

Book your Hot Air Balloon Marrakech experience now and prepare for an enchanting journey above the clouds, witnessing the beauty of Morocco from a perspective unlike any other. Create unforgettable memories and embrace the wonder of this breathtaking adventure.


  • Private transfer ( pickup/ drop –off your hotel/riad)
  • Driver English speaker

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